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Re: Comparing rigs TS-2000 vs FT-897D

> I have begun comparing radios for a potential trip to some 
>isolated locations in Alaska this summer.  I am interested 
>in what some of you might think.  Portability is an issue...

Only one answer there.
The Kenwood TH-D7 dual band HT with built-in
TNC and APRS.  When PCsat, or ISS passes over
you can send your posit and status and any Emails
from your HT with its rubber duck*.

Your friends can then see you on:


And they can communicate with you via the global APRS
system when you are in range of a terrestrial APRS 

The radio is also perfect for ECHO, SO-50 and other FM
satellites.  Also PCSAT2 will be on orbit then further 
improving your digital communications needs.

* Of course a 19" whip on the HT is best for SATCOMS...

ARGH!  Now I see you limited the discussion to only the
TS-2000 or FT-897D.  Well with the cost of those radios
you should still carry the HT (you wont even notice its
cost compared to the other two)...

This way you can work the packet satellites without
having to boot up the PC each time.  The HT is totally
self contained global APRS communicator...

de Wb4APR, Bob
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