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RE: Re: [OFF-SIG] Sat Tracker

Jules said...

> Supports Yaesu GS232 command set, via the RS232 (or use a cheap USB to
> interface lead).
> If you want to look flash, there is an optional LCD panel, displaying
> current and target coords.
> http://www.uk.amsat.org/shop/Hardware/lvb_tracker_kits.php

Adding to these comments...

As well as the Yaesu GS-232 protocol, it also supports the Easycomm I
protocol, and it also automatically figures out which protocol is in use on
the fly.

There are also optional buttons allowing you to configure the device without
using the computer interface, and move the Az and El.

The LVB Tracker automatically figures out which optional hardware is in

One thing I found frustrating with tracker devices was that when I switched
interface I had to re-calibrate the G-5500 control unit's potentiometers.
With the LVB Tracker you can either use this method, or, more normally, you
calibrate the LVB Tracker, irrespective of the G-5500 pot settings. This
means you can use another different tracking device without having to
re-calibrate when you switch.

Another common problem with devices containing microcontrollers is the
ability to update firmware. The LVB Tracker includes an integrated
programmer and firmware uploading software allowing you to update the

The firmware source code is fully available so you can alter it for your own
use as you see fit.

I also have an option to use an Ethernet interface and if you're really
geeky a WiFi interface. Why would you want a WiFi interface? Because you
can, of course!

The way the non-RS232 interfaces (USB, Ethernet, WiFi) work with the LVB
Tracker is that they use serial port emulators on the host computer. These
talk to the optional adapters on the LVB Tracker that plug into a DIL header
on the LVB Tracker PCB.

You need to use serial port emulators because the vast majority of real-time
prediction software expect to talk to the tracking device via a serial port.

Examples of compatible real-time prediction software packages include Nova,
InstantTrack, SatPC32, WxTrack and Wisp, although I'm sure there are others.

73 Howard G6LVB
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