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Re: [OFF-SIG] Sat Tracker

>SatScape www.satscape.co.uk uses WISP and controls a variety of 
>gear..  NOVA by NLSA is pay but supports a few more.

thanks drew...
I guess what I meant was what kind of hardware interfaces
are needed.  I have the YAESU rotators but they dont plug
into a PC, they need a KCT or something.  I was looking for
the "something" that glues them together.  Thanks.

sorry my original email was confusing

At 02:09 PM 1/19/2005, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>For that matter, what is the cheapest-new-start way to go
>for satellite tracking with an AZ antenna (not using APRStk)
> >>> bruninga@usna.edu 1/19/05 1:58:28 PM >>>
> >>> needhame1@plateautel.net 1/19/05 12:38:08 PM >>>
> >Which brings up another question --
> > I'm currently using a path of
> >but I can certainly shorten it down some if that's what the group
> >wants.
>In eastern NM, with a 200+ mile ALOHA circle, I would think
>that the better path would be UNPROTO APRS VIA WIDE3-3
>that way you are not dependent on all of the above ones in
>But anywhere else where there is higher populations, then
>UNPROTO APRS via WIDE2-2 should work fine
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>aprssig mailing list

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