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RE: Huygens Frequencies - more info

On 17 Jan 2005 at 5:32, Daniel Schultz wrote:

> And then they "forgot" to turn on one of their two receivers and lost one of
> the telemetry streams, half of their images and all of the onboard Doppler
> data. This mission came awfully close to disaster because of that screw up. 
> In case Amsat needs one more lesson about open source designs and independent
> review by outside parties, this was it.

> Dan Schultz N8FGV

On Jan 14 i wrote:

" I know the margin between deliberate filrering an automatic is thin 
but if you listen on the actual NASA TV Hyugens probe coverage you 
will see the fine details of it..."

If your source can be trusted that's just confirm there is words who 
does not exist in the space business:

Mistakes, errors, fault, failures....

When an ARISS contact start late by 5 minutes and 4 questions goes 
through out of 12 they called that a "SUCCES" :))

When batteries are not functionning properly they "requalified the 
batteries" :)))

I know in the engeenering world all is always OK! Its a perfect world 
where they where teach to never admit errors but explaining and 
analysing it on advisory boards...

Could be this explain why in the past AMSAT always pretend to greath 
achievements and when something goes bad they qualified the faulty 

I know this will never happen again as the new BOD seems to be more 
open and  "HAM minded" or "operators minded" . We can expect in the 
next years to get all the facts even the bad ones.
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