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RE: Huygens Frequencies - more info

And then they "forgot" to turn on one of their two receivers and lost one of
the telemetry streams, half of their images and all of the onboard Doppler
data. This mission came awfully close to disaster because of that screw up. 

In case Amsat needs one more lesson about open source designs and independent
review by outside parties, this was it.

Dan Schultz N8FGV

>The best part of the story is how they defeated the problem.

>By rearranging the mission so as to minimize Doppler between Cassini
>and Huygens at the time of landing.  They really were seriously
>worried because at launch they thought of dumping Huygens off at the
>earliest possible moment and when the serious error in the design of
>the data receiver onboard Cassini was discovered, it required changing
>the geometry of the mission.  Anyway, it could not have worked out

>Smeds, the engineering hero of this story, to his great credit had to
>fight like hell to get his tests and fixes introduced.  The results, so >far
as we are able to see them, are remarkable.  I hope they give him a
>huge medal.

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