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High Power Broadband Amp

My boss just said I have to spend $15K by Tuesday 
on a broadband Power Amp.   Any suggestions?

Since we are a lab, I'd like it to be general purpose and
get a very broadband linear amp such as may be used for
EMI labs or whatever.  Unfortunately I'm on a dial-up from
home and cant browse the web easily so I thought I'd
save some time to see if any AMSAT people are familiar 
with something.  I'd like it to cover 2.4 GHz at the high
end but be usable down at 1.2 GHz too.

So say 1 to 2.4 GHz at say 10 to 100W depending on cost.

If $$$ left over, then get another one 150-500 MHz and or
just one for 200-400 and then also buy a big 2m and 70cm

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