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RE: (Fwd) TLE Availability Update #9


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> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] (Fwd) TLE Availability Update #9
> I've been trying to download them ever since they came 
> on-;ine... with no luck !!
> I always get "referrer" problems.
> I'm not blocking referrers, cookies, or the protocol.
> I'm not the only one that's having this problem.  :-)
> Is AMSAT going to continue to provide this service??
> My last download was from the ARRL.
> Dave KK7SS

Which version of Lynx are you using?

- I have just tried with Lynx 2.8.4 and it works for me. I'm embarrassed to
admit that this is Lynx on a Windows XP system, not Linux.
- I believe that in Lynx versions before 2.8.3 the referer information was
not passed (and not configurable).

Did you have a look at your Lynx configuration file? How are the referer
options set? 

- There are options in Lynx to configure referer related behavior:

Did you try with a different browser?

- Need to narrow down if this is a problem related to your browser or to
something external to your browser.

Do you have a firewall that potentially can block referer information even
if your browser passes it?

- Blocking referer information is a typical privacy function of firewall SW.

In most of the cases this "referer" problem is at the client side, not the
server side.

Good luck!!! And feel free to ask questions, I *may* be able to help your
sort this out. ;-)


PS.: I know that the correct English spelling is referrer and not referer.
Somewhere along the road of browser development, someone made a typo that is
now being perpetuated. ;-)
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