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Re: BGA soldering

On Jan 11, 2005, at 10:44 AM, Nate Duehr wrote:

> Amateur BGA soldering just leaves too much margin for error for 
> something you can't get at to try to fix later on.  Does the component 
> have a non BGA equivalent?  BGA usually gets you the most bang for the 
> buck when it comes to space vs. pin-count, but is really hard to work 
> with on hobbiest/amateur boards.  Is there another high pin-density 
> package that your device is available in?

I would stick with PQFP's for large parts and SOIC's for small ones, or 
the various kinds of SOT variants I've seen Maxim come out with.  Those 
are marginally hand solderable with a good clean iron, good solder, 
good solder resist overcoat on the board, and lots of flux.  BGA looks 
like it's marginal at best for anything but professional reflow, and 
you're going to have to build a lot of boards to get one or two that 
work on the ground, and who knows if they'll survive a launch ..
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