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(Fwd) TLE Availability Update #9

Just in case any of you use CelesTrak for your keps, you might want to consider 
going over to space track before the April 1 cutoff date.

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Date sent:      	Tue, 11 Jan 2005 07:41:01 -0700
From:           	"Dr. T.S. Kelso" <TS.Kelso@celestrak.com>
Subject:        	TLE Availability Update #9
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According to the notice posted on the NASA/GSFC OIG web site yesterday 
(below), they will cease operation on 2005 March 31. CelesTrak will 
continue to disseminate TLEs until that date, but will be unable to do so 
starting April 1 (under the terms of US Public Law 108-136). If you have 
not done so already, I encourage you to obtain a Space Track account 
(http://www.space-track.org) as soon as possible in preparation for this 
transition. - TS

Air Force Space Command has received the delegation of authority from, and been
assigned the responsibility of, the Secretary of Defense to conduct the CFE
Pilot Program.  There will be dual OIG website and CFE website operations for 
days during this transition period.  However, the OIG website will no  longer 
accepting new users.  The CFE Space Track website will begin registering new
users on 01/03/2005.  Please click on the Space-Track Web Site link on the OIG
Main Page for the website URL. The final transition and shutdown date of the
NASA OIG web site is March 31, 2005. 01/10/2005

Dr. T.S. Kelso
CelesTrak WWW, http://celestrak.com
E-Mail: TS.Kelso@celestrak.com

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