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Re: Prototyping BGA's


You might want to check out the archives on building the 
Micro908 (AA908) on the AMQRP web site. ( 

There is a link to the AA908 page. On that page there is a link 
to a discussion on soldering SMT's.

There were many (tried) methods used on this project to solder 
SMT's in place. Summarized as follows;

1. Just plain using a fine tipped temperature controlled 
soldering station.

2. Use a hand held soldering iron to flood the pins with solder, 
and then use solder wick to remove the excess from between 
the pins. Comment: Actually works!!

3. Use a solder paste and place the components on the PCB, 
then put the whole thing in the oven. Comment: I have not tried 
this one... but several folks have said this works fine.

4. Place the component on the pads then, using a Pencil torch 
or a narrow nozzle heat gun, melt the solder. 

There are probably quite a few more 'home brew' ways of 
doing this.

I also found a lot of information on the individual SMT/BGA 
vendors' sites..

Don't know if this will help...

Dave KK7SS

On 10 Jan 2005 at 10:11, Howard Long wrote:

> If anyone has had any experience of small scale prototyping BGA's onto
> PCBs without resorting to third party commercial operations, I'd be
> glad of any tips.
> I'm fine hand soldering the 0.4 and 0.5mm QFP's, but I'm not sure how
> to go about dealing with BGA packages.
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