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Relief Info

>From the Amsat Website:  http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/echo/ControlTeam.php

8 Jan -- Up to now we have not seen any message traffic on the AO-51 PBBS
from the Tsunami Disaster Area. We are going to leave AO-51 in its current
mode for another week to give any stations in the area a chance to setup and
use the PBBS. We will make a determination on Thursday or Friday what to do
next. If we get information from the area that a different mode for AO-51
would better suit their needs we will change immediately.

At this time the PBBS will continue to be open to regular use. It is
currently running continuous transmission at 1.32 watts output on 435.150
MHz. We still ask that unattended operations on the PBBS not be used at this

We appreciate the interest that the Satellite Amateur Radio Community has
shown in supporting our efforts. There has been a large increase in the
number of stations accessing the PBBS. Three times the normal number.

Anyone that can help contact those in the disaster area and inform them of
the Satellite resource is encouraged to do so. Should another configuration
of AO-51 be identified as providing more benefit to those in the disaster
area, AMSAT will adjust AO-51's operating mode accordingly.

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