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Re: How to connect DC to ARR preamp or dc injector?

Hi Ray,

Congrats on a great Christmas gift!  Been using an ARR preamp on 70cm for several years now.  I have the RF sensed unit.   I have a run of multiple twisted pair wires from the shack to the array, and I apply a regulated 12V from the shack to the preamp this way.  The "feed through" capacitor is where 12V+ applied, and the "solder lug" bolted to the side is for the ground connection.

Do you know which preamp you have?  It appears that the DC injector is designed for their "receive only" units. If you have the DC injector (and a compatible preamp), you can put that in the shack and feed 12V into it.  Their webpage has some good info here: http://www.advancedreceiver.com/page26.html   In this case, you apply the voltage to the DC injector (again, 12V+ to the feedthrough, and ground to the solder lug connector) and it will be carried up the coax to the preamp---the feedthrough and solder lug on the preamp would not have to be used.

I suggest you confirm which preamp you have (and make sure it's the one you want!) and that the DC injector is a match for the unit.


Mark N8MH

At 05:50 PM 1/6/2005 -0500, Ka8syx2003@aol.com wrote:
>Hi, can anyone tell me how they've successfully applied DC to their AdvRecResearch preamp?  The wife gave me an ARR 70cm GaAsFET preamp for Christmas, along with a dc injector to send the juice up the pipe from the shack.  All I can see is a stub coming out one side of each little box, and a couple of nuts clenching a solder lug on the other.  Consulting the schematics for the preamp, I see that the Vdc-in stub is actually one lead of a feed-through capacitor.  What is common practice for hooking up power to it?  I'm thinking about soldering the two wires from a red/black power lead to each appropriate terminal on either the injector or the preamp and terminating the power lead with a jack into which I can insert banana plugs with (+) and gnd.  Would this be appropriate?  Opinions on the neatest method out there?  Thanks, everyone!
>73, Ray KA8SYX
>Big Pine Key, FL

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]
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