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Space-Track website, download problem

yesterday I applied for a new account to Space-Track and got it within a few
I have a problem to download Kep files, however. I tried several times to
download   "Amateur Satellites"  on the page  "Bulk Data Downloads".
Whenever I clicked the link "Three-Line-Format" the browser displayed the
message "Referer Error! This script can only be executed from the Space
Track Server"
I tried several other files with the same result.

The conditions here: 600 MHz Athlon, Windows 98 SE, Internet Explorer. 6.0
and  Mozilla FireFox  1.0, Norton Antivirus Professional 2002, Norton
Personal Firewall 2002.
I tried both browsers.
Disabling the Firewall did not help.

Has anybody an idea what could be wrong?

Many thanks!
73s, Erich, DK1TB
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