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Re: Space Track Web Site

There are a couple of programs (NASAWASH and SORTNENG come to mind) that
take a TLE input file and strip all header and footer information, giving 
you a pure TLE-data
only file as output.  SORTNENG also lets you set up a "mysats" file to 
output only those satellites
that you are interested in.  I believe that SORTNENG is available on the 
AMSAT downloads page.

73 de KA3HSW

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Space Track Web Site

>I have entered an account on the Space Track web page.
> But see that the keps are in some compressed format and I have to ad
> another program to my computer just to convert the keps.
> When you get keps from anywhere else you have to put them into a word
> processor and delete the stupid header then resave in text format.
> While this worked OK for Nova, I seem to have trouble using it in Unitrac.
> This is why I went to Kelso's web page in the beginning because it had the
> keps only no header in a text format.
> I would just enter these keps in both Nova and Unitrac and they worked 
> just
> fine.
> My question is why is it that Kelso makes things simple and everyone else
> seems to go out of their way to make things more trouble then it is
> worth????
> Is there anywhere I can download keps in TEXT format WITH NO HEADERS and
> keep things simple??????
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