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Re: Space Track Web Site

At 4:59 PM -0500 1/4/05, Perry Yantis wrote:
>My question is why is it that Kelso makes things simple and everyone else
>seems to go out of their way to make things more trouble then it is

My question is why program authors make their 2-line format reading 
routines too dumb to skip some headers and footers.

>Is there anywhere I can download keps in TEXT format WITH NO HEADERS and
>keep things simple??????

Your impassioned plea motivated me to add a feature to the AMSAT.ORG 
keps processor to generate a stripped file of just the valid 2-line 
element sets from the KEPS mailing list bulletins. From now on, you 
can find what you requested at


or by anonymous FTP from ftp.amsat.org in /amsat/keps/current/nasabare.txt

This file, like the existing amsat.all and nasa.all files in the same 
place, is updated automatically whenever the KEPS bulletins come out. 
Usually, once a week on or about Friday.

73  -Paul
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