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Space Track Web Site

I have entered an account on the Space Track web page.

But see that the keps are in some compressed format and I have to ad
another program to my computer just to convert the keps.

When you get keps from anywhere else you have to put them into a word
processor and delete the stupid header then resave in text format.

While this worked OK for Nova, I seem to have trouble using it in Unitrac.

This is why I went to Kelso's web page in the beginning because it had the
keps only no header in a text format.

I would just enter these keps in both Nova and Unitrac and they worked just

My question is why is it that Kelso makes things simple and everyone else
seems to go out of their way to make things more trouble then it is

Is there anywhere I can download keps in TEXT format WITH NO HEADERS and
keep things simple??????

Perry Yantis WB8OTH
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