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Re: AO-7 reception

You should be able to hear AO-7 with a 3 element beam ok.
I have worked it fine using  just a 2m dipole with no preamp
although I hear the bird at lower elevations better with my 11 
element cushcraft pointed at the horizon.  I have also worked
AO-7 using my Arrow hand held antenna indoors.
Dave W8IJ
Camp Hill, PA
>Hi all,
>I'd like to give listening to AO-7 a shot.  I have a IC-290A (all mode 
>2m) and a 3 ele 2m beam.  Do I have a chance?
>How necessary is it to have a 2m preamp?  Lastly, what techinque would 
>some of the more experieced operators reccommend?
>Thanks and 73s,
>David Carr
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