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RE: Emergency Communications

I hope those who are actually interested in contributing in an emergency
will contact their local ARES/RACES/SKYWARN coordinator and get the
necessary training now, before a disaster occurs. Untrained volunteers can
actually contribute to the problem. It is imperative to be well trained
before an event, understand how to work with the Agency in charge, and with
whatever other volunteer groups are assisting.
The skills are not difficult, but as with anything that must be performed
under stress, they need to be practiced before needed.
Although they are sometimes helpful, well meaning but untrained volunteers
whether satellite op's or other are usually just in the way during a
disaster. We aren't going to promote AMSAT (or Amateur Radio for that
matter) in the emergency communications community unless we can actually
contribute in a real disaster and that requires training.
Steve .. AI7W
lm #2270
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