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Re: Can anyone use Space Track?

I get as far as the servers in Denver, but no farther.  It appears as if
there is a path down, likely very near the site itself.  My partial trace
route is below:

Brent Taylor, VE1JH
Doaktown, NB

15    40ms   40ms   50ms  TTL:  0
(0.so-4-0-0.TL2.NYC9.ALTER.NET ok)
16     90ms   80ms   90ms  TTL:  0
(0.so-5-3-0.TL2.STL3.ALTER.NET ok)
17  110ms  120ms  110ms  TTL:  0
(0.so-4-0-0.CL2.DEN4.ALTER.NET ok)
18   120ms  121ms  120ms  TTL:  0
19  90ms   90ms   90ms  TTL:  0
20    90ms  100ms  100ms  TTL:  0
(vi-008.aggm01.den05.viawest.net ok)
21   No Response      *      *      *
22   No Response      *      *      *
23   No Response      *      *      *

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> I tried to log into the new CFE Space Track website but it doesn't appear
> to exist:
> http://www.space-track.org
> Anyone else have any luck?
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