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RE: Emergency Communications

Great ideas from many sources! I hope to see this type of dialog during AMSAT design meetings and in the Journal for all to see. Maybe it would be a good idea to take inventory of what's up there and see how it would fit into teams working places like Asia, Arizona and so on and formulate a future plan. Then see what would and could be sent up on future birds. Just a thought for the future.

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Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2005 03:43:20 +0100
Subject: [amsat-bb] Emergency Communications

Hi AMSATs,<br><br>I just read this on AMSAT-BB from Mike G3LGR<br><br>Hi Guys and Girls,<br>Happy New Year !<br><br>I think many are losing the point of Emergency Communications.<br>For the immediate response you need everything, voice either over satellite <br>if it's there, or HF to get an initial response ( difficult to use the PC <br>when running away from something, or in the dark or extreme cold).<br>For the longer term you need whatever gives the highest effective <br>information rate and this is where a reliable 24 hour available  data <br>system could be useful.<br>Maybe this is where the RAYNET groups should get international,<br>Regards<br>Mike G3LGR<br><br>I agree with him. You need everything as you otherwise will exclude <br>operators who have not the mode available. Making a high speed data <br>satellite will only help a few that have the right modem, and have a <br>computer available.<br><br>The best thing is a linear transponder on the satellite. This kind o!
 f radio <br>is multi-flexible, it works just like a mirror, what gets in gets also out. <br>When high data rates are needed, this transponder can also be used. When <br>hams have only FM portables, they can also use the transponder, you need <br>SSTV for pictures, you can do it, PSK31 ? also no problem... etc etc...<br><br>Then there is still not mentioned the broadcast option. A satellite can also <br>be used to only deliver information to the area, or areas around it. This <br>can be in the form of e.g continues RTTY messages, or just simple continues <br>in CW, so no modems and computers are needed.<br><br>With a HEO this can easy be done by an uplink station in a safe area, miles <br>away from the disaster area. With a LEO it can maybe be programmed in the <br>telemetry for example. Messages that can be send are e.g Important HF <br>frequencies, or places that are safe to go, or whatever can be important for <br>hams in that area...<br><br>At the moment the big disaster!
  in Asia is the active topic, but in the <br>future there might be als
o smaller disasters, or just single (ham) people in <br>danger. Think about people on sea, or people at the Antarctic that are in <br>danger. It would be nice when they could send a stress-signal in the sky, <br>received by an amateur HEO or LEO, and this satellite will forward the <br>signal back to earth in its telemetry. Just an idea what might be <br>possible...<br><br>There are many ways satellites might help, and most of the times its only a <br>small extra box with electronics to have it, or maybe just only a software <br>feature...<br><br>The best way is: Just Keep It Stupid Simple (KISS),<br><br>73 de PE1RAH, William<br>---<br><br>_________________________________________________________________<br>MSN Search, for accurate results! http://search.msn.nl<br>----<br>Sent via amsat-bb@amsat.org. Opinions expressed are those of the author.<br>Not an AMSAT member? Join now to support the amateur satellite program!<br>To unsubscribe, send "unsubscribe amsat-bb" to Majordom!

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