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Emergency Communications


I just read this on AMSAT-BB from Mike G3LGR

>Hi Guys and Girls,
>Happy New Year !
>I think many are losing the point of Emergency Communications.
>For the immediate response you need everything, voice either over satellite 
>if it's there, or HF to get an initial response ( difficult to use the PC 
>when running away from something, or in the dark or extreme cold).
>For the longer term you need whatever gives the highest effective 
>information rate and this is where a reliable 24 hour available  data 
>system could be useful.
>Maybe this is where the RAYNET groups should get international,
>Mike G3LGR

I agree with him. You need everything as you otherwise will exclude 
operators who have not the mode available. Making a high speed data 
satellite will only help a few that have the right modem, and have a 
computer available.

The best thing is a linear transponder on the satellite. This kind of radio 
is multi-flexible, it works just like a mirror, what gets in gets also out. 
When high data rates are needed, this transponder can also be used. When 
hams have only FM portables, they can also use the transponder, you need 
SSTV for pictures, you can do it, PSK31 ? also no problem... etc etc...

Then there is still not mentioned the broadcast option. A satellite can also 
be used to only deliver information to the area, or areas around it. This 
can be in the form of e.g continues RTTY messages, or just simple continues 
in CW, so no modems and computers are needed.

With a HEO this can easy be done by an uplink station in a safe area, miles 
away from the disaster area. With a LEO it can maybe be programmed in the 
telemetry for example. Messages that can be send are e.g Important HF 
frequencies, or places that are safe to go, or whatever can be important for 
hams in that area...

At the moment the big disaster in Asia is the active topic, but in the 
future there might be also smaller disasters, or just single (ham) people in 
danger. Think about people on sea, or people at the Antarctic that are in 
danger. It would be nice when they could send a stress-signal in the sky, 
received by an amateur HEO or LEO, and this satellite will forward the 
signal back to earth in its telemetry. Just an idea what might be 

There are many ways satellites might help, and most of the times its only a 
small extra box with electronics to have it, or maybe just only a software 

The best way is: Just Keep It Stupid Simple (KISS),

73 de PE1RAH, William

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