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Re: SKN--conclusion and log entry to W2RS, amend 1!

Am I ever in trouble!  I forgot Emily, W0EEC.  Please add her to the
list below:

Cliff Buttschardt wrote:
> A most delightful Straight Key Night indeed.  Probably the best of any.
> Here is a "logbook" of satellite SKN entries:
> K7MT    Bill    worked 4 times on FO-29 and AO-07
> K9CIS   Frank
> KC6UQH  Art
> N6IJ    Steve
> W0EEC	  Emily	  Thanks Emily and sorry!

> VA3DB   Diane   worked 3 times     MY NOMINATION FOR BEST FIST IN SKN!!
> W5ACM   Andy    I'll bet he was using an FM rig keying the PPT for CW.
> N6GM    Gran
> N7EQF   Al
> Others on satellite voice:  K7MT (of course!), K6IA-Howard, VE3ER-Frank,
> AL7CR-Dean on Hilo in KH6, Via AO-7
>      K8DID, KD5EM and more----lots of stations available on FM on AO-27
>      Even more contacts on HF as well, but that's another story!
>      Cliff K7RR
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