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RE: will AMSAT be ready for the next disaster?

My 'short' 2 cents worth...
I spent many years providing and supporting communications in 
remote areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, from the Congo in the West 
down to Swaziland in the East...
Most of the time the only power available was either the 12V from the 
Landrover or the batteries I carried in my backpack.
Equipment was limited to what I could carry on my back together with 
my personal gear.
I have worked in the remote areas of Indonesia and will testify to the 
lack of reliable power sources and to the lack of even medium tech 
Most of the Hams I met lived in the metropolitan areas, not out in the 
I also went through two Typhoons... When you are hip deep in water, 
there is no power !!! Not to mention the difficulty of getting in or out !!

Bottom line; I suggest we should always try to accommodate 
something simple like dual band HT's with 'Arrow' antennae

I will now step off my soap box..
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