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Re: Straight key night (SKN) on AO-07!

Hi Diane, Bill and Dean.  Finally made it through on AO-07.  Bill, our
CW contact was really a fluke.  I heard you calling CQ on CW but all I
had to work with was a SSB/AM/FM rig.  So I put the thing on AM and 
worked you keying the mike button!  I don't expect to win any SKN awards
using THAT system.  Only five watts out to five elements-circular.  
     The station Hawaii is AL7CR, Dean, but I missed where in Hawaii he
was.  Sorry I might have stepped in a bit early, Bill.  I finally worked
him with only three tenths degree elevation.  Cliff K7RR

Diane Bruce wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 01, 2005 at 05:41:07PM +0000, Cliff Buttschardt wrote:
> > Great message Diane!  If you have heard AO-07 on two meter downlink,
> > I'll try a bit harder.  Thanks for the correction!  Cliff K7RR
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