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RE: will AMSAT be ready for the next disaster?

Having been involved in ARES to one degree or another for many years, I
think I can safely say: the problems facing emergency communications would
not be addressed by more amateur satellites of any kind.

The real problems facing any emergency group arenít equipment issues, its
lack of trained and committed volunteers. Three or four trained operators,
that can work around the clock, that are familiar with the requirements of
the served agencyís, can actually handle NTS traffic forms and are equipped
with simple equipment running off a generator are worth a dozen satellites.

Donít get me wrong. Iíd like to see more amateur satellites of all kinds in
orbit, but I donít believe that trying to sell them as effective emergency
communications tools is a good idea and could actually backfire on us.

Steve .. AI7W
lm #2270

P.S.  If you donít believe me, contact the ARES Emergency Coordinator for
your section and just ask him what his needs are. Iím pretty sure more
HEO/LEO satellites wonít even come up in the conversation.
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