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Re: RE: Will AMSAT (world wide) be ready for the next disaster?

I totally agree.  Even though it may seem daunting, I think AMSAT can take 
some initiative and make some changes that will help improve the ability of 
satellites to play a role in disaster and refugee relief and perhaps can 
play a larger role in international cooperation.  Small things, like 
designating certain frequencies, data modes, etc would go a long way to 
eliminating uncertainty.  For example, both AO-51 and GO-32 have similar 
packet systems.  Standardizing on that kind of platform for data 
transmission and perhaps using the same frequency would make a small but 
significant impact in the design of a ground station.  And to be honest, 
I'm not sure HEOs would be superior in this case to a constellation of LEOs 
because of the greater path losses.  Those would require more sophisticated 
radio equipment including autotracking antennas.  With LEOs you can throw 
up two eggbeaters or Arrow antennas and use a small FM radios like a Yaesu 
FT-90R.  Better (ie, easier than WiSP to use) software would be helpful.

Whatever route needs to be taken to use OSCAR satellites for disaster 
relief, I think it requires some study first.



At 11:28 PM 12/31/2004 +0000, John B. Stephensen wrote:
>Its not clear to me whether LEOs or HEOs are best suited to emergency
>communication. Since information can be stored on the satellite, high-speed
>bursts of data to and from a LEO satellite within a short window could be just
>as effective as lower-speed communication with a HEO satellite in a longer
>window. A single HEO has long outage periods while the five LEOs that it
>replaces could provide coverage every hour. The three HEOs needed for 
>coverage displace 15 LEOs that could also provide continuous coverage so the
>determining factor is probably which type of ground station is best suited to
>emergency use.

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