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R: RE: Will AMSAT (world wide) be ready for the next disaster?

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Subject: [amsat-bb] RE: Will AMSAT (world wide) be ready for the next

> A few facts (missing from the media news readers):
> Only a few local earthquakes have been large enough to generate tsunami
> historical times, those in 1868 (M7.9) and in 1975 (M7.2) produced tsunami
> that were large enough to kill people.
> In human recorded history, these are the leading tsunami (in fatalities)
> are known:
> Volcanic eruptions that triggered tsunami:
>   a.. Tambora, 1816: as many as 90,000 people
>   b.. Krakatoa (Krakatau), 1883: about 36,000 people [the volcanic
eruption in
> this same region was heard around the world]
>   c.. Shimabara, Japan, 1792: an eruption of Mt. Unzen led to a massive
> collapse of the volcano into Shimabara Bay, killing about 15,000 people
> Earthquakes + tsunami (difficult to tell which event killed more people):
>   a.. Lisbon, Portugal, 1531: 70,000 people died from earthquake and
>   b.. Peru 1868: about 28,000 people in all
>   c.. Kamaishi, Japan, 1896: about 27,000 people in all
> Earthquakes that triggered tsunami:
>   a.. Hoei Tokaido-Nanhaido tsunami, Japan, 1707: about 30,000 people
>   b.. Sumatra / Indian Ocean tsunami, Indian Ocean 2004: current estimates
> over 120,000 people
> The Hilo, Hawaii event of May 23, 1960 (Tsunami triggered by earthquake
> the west coast of South America estimated at 8.25 to 8.5) was the last one
> United States territory.

> w9gb
Hi Gregory, W9GB

You missed the 1908 earthquake of Messina (Sicily ) that triggered a Tsunami
with about 200,000 people killed in all considering those killed in the
coast of South Italy.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico
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