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RE: will AMSAT be ready for the next disaster?


I have met with the president of AMSAT-DL and we have an understanding of what is
needed to get P3E launched.  AMSAT-NA has at least five members working actively on
critical P3E projects that, starting now, will be funded by AMSAT-NA through
donations to AMSAT-NA's P3E project. 

These P3E activities are in direct support of AMSAT-NA's Vision statement.  They will
in no way reduce or divert our attention from the Eagle satellites. In fact the P3E
projects will each produce products that will be adapted for use on Eagle and so can
be viewed as a supporting part of AMSAT's Eagle project.

We need to raise about $30,000 for 2005 to fully cover this commitment. You may
donate on the AMSAT Web site (AMSAT Store) or by calling the AMSAT-NA office. The
donation categories on the Web store will be updated to include P3E very soon.

AMSAT President

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What support does AMSAT-DL need?  I've heard a lot of "members" saying that P3E needs
support or that AMSAT-NA should scrap EAGLE for the time being in order to help P3E.
What I haven't heard is AMSAT-DL asking AMSAT-NA or anyone else for help or support.
So AMSAT-NA shouldn't scrap the EAGLE project or turn over all the money to -DL.  

Maybe someone from the P3E project team will come up and say "we need this...".  That
would be directed to the President of AMSAT-NA who would then put that information
out to the -NA membership.


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