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Re: RE: Will AMSAT (world wide) be ready for the next disaster?

Dear G. Beat - W9GB,

Amateur Satellite Service is a very important service.


Mariano Goncalves - CT1XI

(...) Earthquakes and the tsunami (terramoto and maremoto) of Lisbon,
happened in the reign of king D. Jose, in the day 1 November of 1755.

The wharf of the city disappeared completely and the water of the river Tejo
started to advance for the city?

The biggest natural catastrophe that some time happened in Portugal was
Earthquakes and the tsunami of Lisbon of 1755.

In this earthquakes, had died about 60.000 to 70.000 of people.

Of these, about 20.000 they had died in Lisbon (at the time, 250.000 people
lived in this city).

Although earthquakes to have been in Lisbon, the land tremor was so strong
that it provoked damages in the country all and was felt until the South o
of France and to the North of Africa!

Beyond terramoto in land, the tidal wave in the sea and the river was felt.
The boats that were in the river had started to circle and to disappear it
puncture? Imperfections in the land, zones had confided as Alcântara,
Sacavém, S. Martinho, Azeitão and Setúbal (near 80 km).

Of these imperfections, it appeared water, wind and vapours?

Passed some time, it had as I shake very violent.

The city was set on fire. The candles and the fireplaces that had been left
lighted had helped the flames to still grow more?

The people who had survived praid in the streets, covered of dust?

During hours, the abalos had not stopped, even so already were weakker of
the one than the first ones. In Lisbon, the low one practically was
destroyed. Had fallen public houses, churches and buildings? Thousands of
people had gone down until the o Place of fetichism of the Paço to try to
run away from fires and the fall of walls and rocks?

Belongings had taken all that had been able and tried to take one of the
boats that were to collect people.

But the waves of the river were so high that they had finished for dragging
the boats and many people if they had drowned?

During three days, the abalos and the fires had not stopped!

Terramoto destroyed the low one of Lisbon and made to all broken houses and
monuments for all the country.

Everything happened in day 1 of November of 1755. As it was Day of All the
Saints, the people had waked up very early to go to the mass. (...)
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