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Re: Problems with the Kenwood TS-2000 for satellite work


Setup the TS-2000 to receive in FMN (FM Narrow Mode).  This will allow you 
to receive at about 436.7935 (close enough to 436.795 to receive signals for 
the complete satellite pass).  Just remember you are in the FMN mode and 
will need to adjust for the doppler as the bird passes because you are using 
a narrow passband.  This works great for me and I don't need to use a 
separate receiver.

73, Grant

> Hi all,
>    I just wanted to mention how I was able to solve some problems using a
> Kenwood TS-2000 for satellite work.  Now, I started working satellites 
> about a
> month ago, so I'm still pretty green.  I started with an Arrow II beam and 
> a
> Yaesu VX-7R HT, from that point I was hooked!  I researched different rigs 
> and
> decided on the purchase of the Kenwood TS-2000 based on the the reviews of 
> it
> on eham.net.  What I later learned is that the rig has a birdie (internal
> beat) on 436.799MHz (+/- 10kHz).  This makes the rig deaf for AO-27 and 
> SO-50
> until the doppler corrected frequency gets down to about 436.791MHz.  I 
> was
> pretty bummed out when I learned this.  The TS-2000 also does not allow 
> you
> program a PL tone while it is in "satellite" mode and using the trace 
> function
> in "satellite" mode incorrectly shifts the uplink frequency by an 
> excessive
> magnitude.
> 73 de kg6vfx
> Cris
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