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Re: Problems with the Kenwood TS-2000 for satellite work

 Cris you should of asked here first. You would of got a heads up on the 
problems with the TS-2000. You might also want to look into TRX-Manager to 
control both radios. I think it can properly control your two rigs for sat 
  I recently purchased a TS-2000 myself, but not for sat use. The Kenwood's 
are the best transceivers to control remotely over the internet. I travel 
alot for work and can  now (with real antennas!) work HF, sats, and my local 
home repeaters from anywhere in the world, from my hotel room. This saves me 
the hassle of trying to transport a radio, power supply and antenna's 
through the airport. It's a shame Kenwood doesn't fix the 2000's sat use 
problems, as it is hands down, the best on HF, multi band/multi mode 
transceiver out there.  When I'm home it makes  a great backup HF rig.

73 Jeff kb2m

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From: "Cris David Salanga (KG6VFX)" <KG6VFX@cox.net>
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Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2004 1:27 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] Problems with the Kenwood TS-2000 for satellite work

> Hi all,
>    I just wanted to mention how I was able to solve some problems using a
> Kenwood TS-2000 for satellite work.  Now, I started working satellites 
> about a
> month ago, so I'm still pretty green.  I started with an Arrow II beam and 
> a
> Yaesu VX-7R HT, from that point I was hooked!  I researched different rigs 
> and
> decided on the purchase of the Kenwood TS-2000 based on the the reviews of 
> it
> on eham.net.  What I later learned is that the rig has a birdie (internal
> beat) on 436.799MHz (+/- 10kHz).  This makes the rig deaf for AO-27 and 
> SO-50
> until the doppler corrected frequency gets down to about 436.791MHz.  I 
> was
> pretty bummed out when I learned this.  The TS-2000 also does not allow 
> you
> program a PL tone while it is in "satellite" mode and using the trace 
> function
> in "satellite" mode incorrectly shifts the uplink frequency by an 
> excessive
> magnitude.
>    I really liked the TS-2000 and decided that instead of returning it for 
> a
> Yaesu FT-847, I would get a Yaesu FT-817ND to use as a separate reciever. 
> I
> chose the FT817 because it can also be controlled by WiSP and Orbitron. 
> This
> solved the birdie problem for AO-27 and SO-50.  Incidentally, I found that 
> if
> I put the sub band into memory mode, put the main band in VFO mode, I 
> could
> program a PL for the uplink frequency and still retain doppler correction 
> via
> WiSP.  This solves the PL tone issue for AO-51 and SO-50.  In order for 
> this
> to work, you have to configure WiSP to use a separate rig for the 
> downlink.
> This prevents the TS-2000 from entering "satellite" mode while WiSP 
> corrects
> doppler.
>    I hope this helps anybody with a TS-2000.  I contacted Kenwood and
> received "canned" email responses regarding the PL tone issue and the 
> doppler
> shift magnitude issue.  I don't believe they intend to resolve these 
> anytime
> soon.
>    Has anybody else figured this out?
> 73 de kg6vfx
> Cris
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