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Re: FW: will AMSAT be ready for the next disaster?

 Your right Emily, AMSAT-NA don't have any scheduled this coming year, but we operate on many others from other places in the world and they do have plans to launch if successful. I believe that working together with the world, a system of LEO's, APRS, HEO's and others can make communicating with our ham friends "world wide" easier and more fun for the beginner and the expert alike. We need to have a goal and the one I'm hearing about is on track. Do we or will we need more LEO satellites? Yes we do! They don't live forever.
I watch several bb's and try to understand what todays "hams" want from his/her hobby. What I see is challenge. I to want a challenge. My first attempt at an "easy sat" was a total failure! My first attempt at a SSB bird, failure. Digital, well, I'm learning! And for AO-40, I worked way over my physical limits to find and build a dish antenna that would work, just work on the only HEO I knew about, eight days after completion and just a handful of the proudest contacts I have ever made, I have a 8 foot yard ornament! Am I stopped? Absolutely not. I will wait and help all I can to get another HEO in operation, but until then I'm off to bigger and better things for now. Check my web site for my projects.
Question: Do all the chapters of "AMSAT" ever get together in the same place at the same time and discuss a plan for all amateur radio satellite operators? 


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At 01:51 PM 12/30/2004 -0500, Steve wrote:
>  I'm with Greg! We have many LEO's and even more are scheduled for launch 
> this coming year..

I'm very much in favour of having AMSAT-NA concentrate on HEO only 
satellites for the time being, but I'm concerned about this statement 
especially the part about "even more scheduled".  I'm really interested in 
knowing which LEO's AMSAT-NA has scheduled for this coming year?  As far as 
I know, there are parts of the Eagle team who are working on SuitSat but 
only to the degree that they will use SuitSat as a test platform to test 
sensors ultimately deployed on Eagle.

To my knowledge, AMSAT-NA is not funding any new development or launches in 
low earth orbit in the coming years leading up to the launch of Eagle,  and 
from what I can sense from the general climate, the BoD would be lynched if 
they tried to propose one.



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