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Re: Will AMSAT be ready for the next disaster?

>Also, even knowing the expense, what about a geostationary 
>orbit bird? I believe it would have to be a collective effort to achieve, 
>worth the extra. Comments?


A geostationary bird is likely to cost at least an order of magnitude more 
than a HEO spacecraft.  The ride into GTO costs the same per unit of mass as for 
a HEO (it's the same ride), but a geo bird requires station-keeping fuel, 
which weighs a lot, and a propulsion system capable of using that fuel to keep 
the bird on station for its useful life.  So, the launch cost in dollars (euros, 
yen, whatever) would be quite a bit more.

>From time to time, ideas have surfaced about trying to get a commercial or 
government geo program to take an amateur transponder aboard as a "passenger."  
They've always come to naught, because every kilogram of mass used by the 
"passenger" means that the spacecraft will have to carry that much less of 
station-keeping fuel, which equates to a shorter useful life.

Anybody got a hundred million or two to spare?

73, Ray
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