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RE: will AMSAT be ready for the next disaster?

I took the initial keps for Eagle as they appear on the Amsat site...

1 99999U          09001.00000000  .00000000  00000-0  19862-4 0 00017
2 99999 006.9982 360.0000 7268270 359.9937 359.9996  2.33621032000018

... and had to manually enter them into Nova as it wouldn't accept them as
is.  I then ran a full cycle through the figure "8" orbit that is tilted
slightly at the equator.   It runs from approximately a little south of the
equator directly north of New Zealand at its western most journey. Then it
goes  right over Liberia and the Ivory Coast in Africa on its eastern most

Ironically the all of India, and Sri Lanka are excluded from the footprint
but Indonesia is covered on its western most orbit.  

Perhaps someone else will try these preliminary keps in their tracker and

If this is correct, then Eagle would have been of little use in the current

As for the current crisis; as Jerry Lewis used to say... "Give, give, give
until it feels good."  
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