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Re: Canada and Third party communicationsregardingtsunami disaster areas

Reicher, James wrote:
> Maggie, you left out an important clause which Luc did include in his
> original message: "An administration may determine the applicability of
> this provision to amateur stations under its jurisdiction."  Third party
> traffic is always illegal, except as permitted by bilateral treaty, or
> for emergencies or disaster relief.

OK...had me going for a minute there. I did read the clause you cited, 
but thought the "applicability" in question seemed to refer to the 
applicability of the emergency exemption, not of the overall 
prohibition, especially since I was reading it in the context of Canada 
making a determination that the "recent tsunami and earthquake" was such 
an emergency...as long as the other country involved deemed it so also.

It helps to hear that elsewhere in WRC-03 they continue to recognize 
third-party agreements we're all used to complying with for lo, these 
many years. I almost downloaded the entire WRC-03 text to check it out, 
utill the website involved wanted to charge me money for the privilege.

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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