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will AMSAT be ready for the next disaster?

AMSAT takes a hit from the Earthquake/Tsunami.

 It is to bad that AMSAT's world wide was not ready for the Tsunami disaster 
of a few days ago. it seems that there is more interest in funding the ARISS 
program and building LEO satellites that don't offer much help in a time of 
a disaster (minutes ver hours), if there were two HEO satellites up in orbit 
just think of the reconition and PR that AMSAT as a whole could get and 
maybe some goverment backing in futur projects. AMSAT should have been ready 
to play a small role in any emergency traffic to be sent out/in of those 
effected areas because that is whats hams do. I hope that AMSAT change's its 
vision and direction to making HEO satellites a top priority rather on their 
own personal projects (ARISS/LEO sats). AMSAT has way too many 
resources/poeple to be spread so thin. I am not agianst ARISS or LEO's but 
they should only be a secondary projects that dont drain AMSAT of its funds 
and resorces.

will AMSAT-world wide be ready for the next disaster?

AMSAT member.
Greg N0ZHE 
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