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2005 satellite launch sked

Here is the list of 2005 amateur satellite launch schedule which I
found on launch schedule web sites.
P3E is listed on September on Space Calender. I asked about the
schedule to Peter DB2OS. His answer was
    We do not have any official confirmation yet and I do not know
    where this entry came from....

P3E launch schedule is not fixed. But I guess the best case is

** 2005 amateur satellite launch schedule **
  launch  satellite      launcher
  Feb     VUSat          PSLV
  Mar     CubeSats *1    Dnepr 1
  May     SSETI Express  Cosmos 3M
  May 12  PCSat2 *2      Space Shuttle Discovery STS-114
  Aug     SuitSat        ISS EVA
  Sep     P3E            Ariane 5

 - Space Calender  by NASA
       See 2005 September. P3E is listed.
 - Space-Launcer.com  by the Orbital Report News Agency
 - amsat-bb

*1 CubeSats: The follwing 14 CubeSats are launced by same launcher. I
don't know how many CubeSats operate on amateur satellite band. I only
konw the SEEDS. SEEDS has 437.485MHz CW and FM transmitter. SEEDS
transmits CW tlm, digital tlm and FM voice messages.

 1. ICEcube 1    Cornell University (U.S.)
 2. ION          University of Illinois (U.S.)
 3. Rincon 1     University of Arizona in Tucson (U.S.)
 4. ??           The Aerospace Corporation (U.S.)
 5. PolySat 1    Cal Poly Aerospace Engineering (U.S.)
 6. SEEDS        Nihon University (Japan)
 7. Ncube        Norsk Romsenter (Norway)
 8. HAUSat 1     Hankuk Aviation University (South Korea)
 9. Merope       Montana State University (U.S.)
10. PolySat 2    Cal Poly Aerospace Engineering (U.S.)
11. KUTESat      Kansas University (U.S.)
12. Sacred       University of Arizona in Tucson (U.S.)
13. Mea Huaka'I  University of Hawaii (U.S.)
14. ICEcube 2    Cornell University (U.S.)

*2 Before operation, EVA is needed to fix it on ISS

See you soon on new birds.

Happy New Year!!

Masa  JN1GKZ    Tokyo  Japan
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