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Re: R: Amateur satellites and disasters...

Hi William,

I must disagree with you on this point at least!

I had lots of success on AO40 S band with a 60cm RUH dish that I had cut
into four "petals" . These were easy to transport being almost flat in a bag
and could be easily reassembled  at a portable site using nothing more than
"gaffer tape" along the joins. The legs of the RUH patch also helped to keep
it together and with the very slow apparent movement of the satellite it
could just be leant up against a convenient tree, chair or box.

I had a complete U/S setup ready to use portable in the Gambia earlier this
year on AO40 but unfortunately AO40 died about 2 weeks before our planned
trip. All the equipment was being carried in medium sized "photographers"
case. It would have worked for many many hours off a car battery.

Anyway we really need lots more satellites of all the various types

lets keep trying to achieve this aim!

Happy New Year

Graham G3VZV

>The second problem I had was  the heavy dish. Even 60cm is not asy to
carry, or to set up easy and fast  to the satellite.
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