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RE: Amateur satellites and disasters...

Hi Ray,

I am sorry to tell you, but I did my research before.
I have been to many countries in the world during my world-travel and I have 
seen how ham radios is there, and in what way they might be helped with 
amateur satellites.
Besides my travel I have been able to see what hams in India can do during 
emergencies, and they make use of amateur satellites, yes the LEO's they use 

Maybe the past amateur satellites were not capable of doing emergency radio 
help, but that is just what I like to see changing. Amateur satellites can 
be as usefull as HF, maybe even better than HF.

The problem however is not the hams in the remote areas. Many of them are 
very clever and know how to set up a HF/VHF station much better than most of 
the European or americans hams do.
They don't have lots of money or places to buy radio things, so they find 
out very smart ways to get on HF or VHF. When I talking about an HF/VHF 
station it might be difficult for you to set it up, but I know from 
experience they will set it up in working conditions very well and very 

With SHF its another story, this is still a problem, but this is also the 
same for many hams in Europe or USA. (thats why I don't see S-band as a good 
band for these areas)

Ofcourse with a huge disaster like this time the volume of traffic is great, 
but not all hams will change in one day from HF to satellite. Even if it are 
only a few, it will help again, and with small area disasters satellites 
might also be helpfull. On the other hand it will give the amateur 
satellites a more value than now as a (EU & USA) privat flying chat-box.

Then about the passes of the satellites. You say they are not intended for 
these areas. This doesn't mean that they can not be used in these areas. 
Maybe some satellites are switched off, or not used much over these areas, 
but they can be used when needed !!

Ao40 has a perfect foot-print on India, Ao10 also, much better than over 
The polar LEO's are available all over the world, only for short times, but 
this already has proven to be usefull in the past...

I did my research very well,
Thats also why I made my comment here, to show that we can do more valueable 
things with amateur satellites than only use them as chat-boxes...

73 de PE1RAH, William

>From: "Ray McKnight" <shortsheep@worldnet.att.net>
>To: "'William Leijenaar'" <pe1rah@hotmail.com>
>Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Amateur satellites and disasters...
>Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 01:50:46 -0800
>I'm sorry, William, but you obviously have no experience
>With large scale disaster communications.
>Ham satellites are about as useless as the Internet.
>The volume of traffic and reliability are ONLY suitable
>For HF with some local input through VHF/UHF.
>In these affected areas, which are some of the most
>Remote and impoverished areas of our world, ANY ham station
>Is a blessing.  Setting up a satellite station to handle only
>A single channel is so technically difficult, in combination
>With limited availability, shows lack of foresight and training.
>Most satellite passes are NOT intended for these areas anyway,
>Since there are so few Hams not to mention sat ops.
>Please do your research first, then make comment.
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>Subject: [amsat-bb] Amateur satellites and disasters...
>Yesterday I seen the terrible news pictures of the earthquacke disaster in
>Lots of places have no communication, and it still shows that amateur radio
>can be very valuable in such situations, especially in these areas.
>The idea of the Indian HAMSAT was to see if amateur satellites can help in
>such disasters, unfortunatly hamsat is still to be launched and can not be
>of help this time :o(
>HAMSAT will be a LEO, it can only help a little but the value of a HEO like
>AO40 would be tremendous in such a disaster. Altough S band is still not
>very practical for disaster help like this, and in most of these areas it 
>not available by amateurs in these regions.
>A HF,2m,70cm could help a lot more, but thats more a technical thing...
>Maybe it is a good opertunity to show (international) gouverments that ham
>radio satellites can help a lot in such disasters. Just a HF uplink and 2m
>downlink is enough. (no technical difficult, and expensive microwave stuff)
>HF is all available in these areas, good for the uplink, and the 2m they
>only need a small downconverter of a few dollars...
>This is one of the strongest things of our hobby,
>Besides we can use our radios to chat with all hams all around the world, 
>can also save thousands of lifes...
>So lets tell the gouverments and make some more satellites,
>73 de PE1RAH,
>William Leijenaar
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