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think about it.

As 2005 is about to roll in, I hope we the satellite operator's can put all 
of our difference's aside and make a real effert to make EAGLE fly. Alot has 
to happen first, money being one of the biggest issue's wheather you are a 
big gun (AO-40 station) or just a small station (ht & arrow) we all need to 
get focused on the fund raising so things can start to happen. A HEO 
satellite is the best way to get more ham's in to this hobby and to bring 
back the 100's of those who have left back in.

For those of you who have only operated the LEO fm satellite's and never 
made the jump up to working the HEO satellite's I must share the thrill of 
HEO satellite world. I will never forget the very first time I work a 
station on AO-13, I was over at a very good friends QTH Bill W0OQC in Derby 
Ks. and AO-13 just happened to be up so Bill introduced me to the world of 
HEO satellite's. My first thought was wow it's in view for more than just 
10-15 minute's at a time we are talking hours WOW, not only that but the 
foot print was a monster of a print next to RS-10. AO-13's foot print at the 
time was mostly covering state side, but I had my first QSO and it was made 
with Tom WB4FWQ who I had worked many time's on RS-10, the first thing that 
really got my attention was the delay in the return signal it's only just a 
1/2 second or so but it really caught me of guard, my first thought was I 
will talk slower and that will fix it ha ha ha I know you all are laughing, 
well talking slower did not help, so I just started to talk in a normal tone 
but it still had a really wierd feelling about it. Bottom line is I got 
hooked I had to find a way to get on with my own station and with in a 
couple of mounth I was on but AO-13's days were numbered it came down two 
days later, but AO-10 was still operational and had a blast with it. AO-40 
was a real thrill but you all know what happen'ed there, P3E will be up soon 
and I have no dought that it will help to get the drive going to get EAGLE 
up even more.

You think chasing Grids VUCC or W.A.S. is fun, try chasing DXCC not to say 
meeting hams from all walks of life from all parts of the world, having a 
QSO with a ham who does not speek very good english but they are thrilled to 
work you so you make that extra effert to make the QSO and a week later you 
get that QSL card in the mail from some remote part of the world and a week 
later you hear that same station and you cant wait to work him agian to 
thank him for the really neat QSL card and the next thing you know you have 
a new friend.

So as a AMSAT member I ask that you give some thought to helping get a very 
much needed HEO satellite up to orbit.

Happy Holiday's
73 Greg N0ZHE 
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