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technical writer ???

hi luc,
i am writing this note because i am simply trying to help the linux
community any way i can and it appears that i am not gifted with any
technical knowledge, but may at least be able to write a simple instruction
sheet in american english to get it across to someone what has to be done to
run a program.

i hope that i am not the only person answering your request, if i am, you
are screwed!

in any case, i know nothing about your software and very little about
satellites. (other than the fact that one passes over my area every so often
and my friend has been listening on his packet station)

my reason for even sending this note is that i find everything in linux so
far over my head that i can only imagine  the frustration of other people
who might want to try to do something in linux, but read the how to's  from
the guys who write the code who assume that they are talking to someone on
their own level.  i hope to be able to help the linix community some day by
writing instructions on an extremely basic level,  (my level now ) and this
opportunity for me will let me know if i can do that at all.

please send me links as to what you need and i will try to understand the
concept and write what you need.  if i do not feel up to it, i will just get
back to you and tell you that, so you are not left hanging.

best wishes for the holidays and 73 de bob, kb2tgd
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