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Re:AO-7 - Ascending passes improving in the NH

Emily wrote:

>Now that we have passed the winter solstice we in the northern hemisphere 
>will see it gain availability during the ascending passes. AO-7 will 
>ncreasingly provide excellent service to everyone until the calendar 
>reaches the Equinox after which time will all start to grumble again :-)

Yep, AO-7 will be more available for evening passes in the U.S.A. and activity
will no doubt increase.  Although I have enjoyed being able to work some
contacts recently in the short window we currently have.  No one has called
CQ on top of me for weeks (although that always seemed to happen in mode A.)

Good work on the AO-7 activity log, Emily.  I enjoy reviewing it every few 

Dave, W8IJ
Camp Hill, PA
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