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Re: Ralphie and Sparky news frequency

Hi Roger,
If they use the allocated frequency they are on:
437.500 MHz.
They are designed to investigate intersatellite communication. Modulation
is some kind of Packet.
Now what about Keplerian elements ?
73 OZ1MY
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> <<Instead, it appeared that the satellites were dragged further into
> into an extremely elliptical orbit with a high point of nearly 20,000
> and a low point of a few hundred miles.
> If that's what occurred, the students won't be able to contact the
> satellites unless they happen to pass directly over one of the team's four
> ground stations - in Arizona, New Mexico, Florida and Puerto Rico - at the
> low point in their orbits, Olds said last night.>>>
> Hmmmmmmmmm....if someone knew the frequencies to look for, I bet a number
> "volunteers" could fill in the "holes" around the world...what are
> hams...."chopped liver"?
> Roger
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