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Help with SatPC32

I developed a problem lately with SatPC32 doing strange things while I am on
FO-29.  I was causing some problems on this evening's pass of FO-29 and I am
sorry but unfortunately it is not the first time.  My problem is that
something (either the program or my radio) is causing my transmit frequency
on my FT-847 to change suddenly to anything from 80 meters on up while
SatPC32 is controlling the radio.  The downlink frequency stays right where
it should be.  I seem to only have this problem with FO-29.  The problem
never shows up on AO-51 regardless of mode.  Another hint is that the sudden
switch in transmit frequency only seems to occur after I try to transmit or
adjust the transmit frequency (usually I need to adjust the transmit
frequency up about 3kc's to be able to hear my downlink on Fo-29).  I never
had this problem until recently.  Any ideas?  Thanks.  Kevin Smith, N3HKQ
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