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AO-7 - Ascending passes improving in the NH

Hi Everyone,

For those of you in the northern hemisphere AO-7 has passed though the 
longest times of eclipse.  Mostly it hasn't turned on until 49 deg N 
latitude on the S->N pass (just the opposite for you blokes in the southern 
hemisphere - the S->N  pass may seem to turn off prematurely depending on 
your QTH.)

Now that we have passed the winter solstice we in the northern hemisphere 
will see it gain availability during the ascending passes. AO-7 will 
increasingly provide excellent service to everyone until the calendar 
reaches the Equinox after which time will all start to grumble again :-)

Just thought I'd pass that along.

73 and Happy Holidays/Soltice to everyone,


PS - BTW - the AO-7 log is at http://www.emilyshouse.com/experthams/ao7/

The URL will probably change soon, but there will be a link if it does.

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