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AO-51 38k4 -- did anyone make recordings?

My schedule did not allow for me to even make an attempt at
recording the 38k4 signal from Echo this time.  Did anyone 
make a recording or does anyone have a known good 38k4
signal recording?

I'll risk a few flames and point out that if we *HAD* known 
good recordings of a 38k4 signal (say 48k 8bit recordings
made with a soundcard) then we could play those recordings
from a PC soundcard into our hardware and DSP modems
for testing instead of waiting for AO-51 to be in 38k4 mode.
(Assuming you tested the modem and know that it works,
if you don't get any data on the AO-51 38k4 pass then you 
can concentrate on the radio/antennas portions.)

Douglas KA2UPW
"Got 38k4 recordings?"
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