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Re: AO-51 38k4 on 2.4GHz--reports?

On Wed, Dec 22, 2004 at 10:45:55AM -0500, Mark L. Hammond wrote:
> Anybody have any luck with the recent US pass(es) with AO-51 38k4 on 2.4GHz?

Hello Mark,

Downlink works pretty good fully automatic, DCD pretty stable except
at very low elevation (1.2m dish, EGIS rotator, patchfeed, preamp, 
UEK2000-SAT converter to 144 MHz, 30 dB attenuator, diode ring mixer 
with 35 year old LO to 435 MHz, IC-821 with SYMEK-IFD, TNC3S with 
9.6Rx/38.4Tx modem in KISS mode, Linux kernel with AX25 support,
xpb/xpg software - pretty crazy, but it seems to work!)
But with the uplink I was not successful.
Directory fill requests did'nt trigger always PTT, and even when
they came through, there was no response from AO-51.
> I wish we could leave the bird in this mode for about a week, or at least a long weekend sometime.  I'm afraid this is what it might take for the "casual" user...

My wholehearted support!

Vy 73, Viktor OE1VKW
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