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AO-51 38k4 on 2.4GHz--reports?

Anybody have any luck with the recent US pass(es) with AO-51 38k4 on 2.4GHz?

I tried---could hear the bird, but still had dish pointing/frequency issues.  Was using Wisp to control array, WispDDE to control frequency for PCR-1000 on receive (and TS-2000X on xmit).  Went to manual on both array and frequency to try and find it well enough to try and print packets.

I didn't get the DCD to light.

It will take multiple attempts to get things figured out, array accuracy, etc. (more precise transverter offset, etc.).

This is not an easy mode!  But it was fun trying :)  Makes 9600 on 144/435 seem like a walk in the park.

I wish we could leave the bird in this mode for about a week, or at least a long weekend sometime.  I'm afraid this is what it might take for the "casual" user...


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]
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