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To all my AMSAT Friends. . .

While Satellite users were snug in their bed,
I couldn’t get OSCAR 40 out of my head.(?)
Up on my roof is such an array
As to scare all the neighbor’s in everyway.
I knew of the storm coming tonight
But could do little to keep my dish upright.
I heard the loud crash that meant a bent pipe
And I knew at once I put up the wrong type.
The storm was subsiding with stars showing bright.
So I started to slumber dreading my roof sight.
All of a sudden I heard hoofs and a sawzall,
Like a small factory at the Dayton mall.
I went to my attic to see what was done
But I was slow to open the skylight some,
And I saw a red sleigh fly by with satellite gear
So I knew at once it must be HamSanta right there.
My mast was replaced as the stainless shined bright
And I heard the jolly one shout in the night.
“May all your satellites be in view
And contacts be 59 and new.
To all a healthy and happy New Year
With many new birds for the entire world to hear!”

Happy Holidays!
Dee, NB2F
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