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HF Walkie Talkie

HF Walkie Talkies?
In this months QST the old WWII walkie talkie was discussed
and it was a 20 milliwatt transmitter good for up to one
mile.   Doing the 1/r^2 equation means that 5 watts would
equate to about 16 miles.

And the frequency was 80 meters with a 3 foot whip.

Since our entire HT experience is with 2m and up, I wonder
what the real world experience would be like with HF HT's?
(staying with handheld antennas).  We all know that you
can work the world with 5W on HF skywave, but I am only
interested here in ground-wave and line of sight.  Just curious, 
never thought much about it before.

RX noise level of course is very high... but what about 
propogation through the woods?  etc...  We sorta know
about CB HT's too, but what about down there at 
7 MHz?

On topic since most of the HF bands are satellite bands too
and can be used for Satellite uplinks...

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